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StartAward The Junglebook

Boekie Boekie Start Award contest, theme: The Junglebook.

genre : Character Design, Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media

technique: Color Pencil, Watercolor

Hi there, my name is Eline Krus (1989), the artist behind EmiKrus Illustration. I’m working as a freelance illustrator since I’ve graduated in 2015 at the art academy in Breda. Materials I like to work with are aquarel, ink and colorpencil, although digital illustration is also no problem for me.

I love to tell stories with my images. It doesn't matter if it ends up in a book or on a product. I always try to grasp the overall feeling so the viewer already knows a bit what to expect from it. With other words the ambience of the illustration is very important to me. Other examples that I like to use in my drawings are different textures, simple silhouettes and using composition to give the picture an extra dynamic. Due to my graphic design background I'm able to deliver all sorts of printed matter. I'm also active in giving illustration workshops at primary schools and after-school care centres.

I’m always looking for new adventures and opportunity’s so if you’re interested in my work don’t hesitate to contact me! email:

Other artwork by Eline Krus:

StartAward The Junglebook

StartAward The Junglebook

StartAward The Junglebook

StartAward The Junglebook

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