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make my day

genre : Newspaper & Magazine

technique: Watercolor

Working for a variety of clients, including advertising agencies, magazines and publishing houses. Roel Ottow enjoys the challenge of visualizing the abstract, and makes this even more interesting by employing a variety of techniques, targeting a particular environment and public. The concept is leading, technique therefore may vary. Opdrachtgevers | Clients VNO-NCW, Hoogte 80, Springer Uitgeverij, Media Partners, Consumentenbond, CNV, Malmberg, uitgeverij Medema, Boekencentrum, Ark-boeken, Uitgeverij Jongbloed, Visie, Eva, Zeggus, CNV, Sanoma, Vion, Formido, CVZ, Cito, Brill, Dart Design, WVS, Gibo, Ecabo, Uitgeverij Thema, Terdege, Cito en vele anderen | and many others.

Other artwork by Roel Ottow:

make my day

make my day

make my day

make my day

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