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Collage for history booklet

Illustration about the explorers in the Dutch history.

genre : Education, Infographic

technique: Collage, Color Pencil

An illustrated map for the Dutch Film Festival, a strip cartoon about intangible heritage, a logo for Prorail, illustrations for Dutch newspapers, the design for a packaging-free supermarket, or a print collection for girls' clothing... Studio BLiQ connects the illustrative visual language of designer Margôt Melissen with the graphic and spatial insight of architect Olivier Vet. This cross-pollination inspires us to convert every design question into a catchy image. We want to to discover, surprise and contribute to a meaningful visual culture.

Studio BLiQ was established in 1999. Since then we have been working with great enthusiasm on a wide range of projects .

Margôt Melissen+ 31 6 440 58 307

Other artwork by Margot Melissen:

Collage for history booklet

Collage for history booklet

Collage for history booklet

Collage for history booklet

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