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Paris Versailles 2020

The ‘Paris-Versailles’ Run (16,5 km) - AD 2020

genre : Advertising, Newspaper & Magazine, Non-Fiction, Printed Media, Website

technique: Collage, Digital-Pixel, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Photography, Watercolor

I'm Carlijn van Vlijmen. Animal draughtsman in image collages and designer. Possesses 2 cultures: Dutch and French. My visual collages make it possible to tell a story, big or small. To stage a subject from the outside or inside world, a theme or a problem. What is reality, what is virtual, what is imagination? In my collages you go from one to the other. And the contrasts create a balance... People don't know where the photo starts and the drawing ends, everything merges ... and we slide from reality into a fantasy world, from the photo to the drawn line. I love the confusion, because from the confusion questions arise... Each person has his or her own personal view, his or her cultural background, his or her experience. Everyone interprets the world according to their own frame of reference. Daring to leave this framework for new encounters / experiences / challenges.... My goal is that my image collages contribute to this!

Other artwork by Carlijn van Vlijmen:

Paris Versailles 2020

Paris Versailles 2020

Paris Versailles 2020

Paris Versailles 2020

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