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School Crossing Patrol

A character design in a more painterly style.

genre : Animation, Book, Character Design, Fiction

technique: Digital-Pixel

Hi I’m Renske, I am an illustrator working in children’s books and animation. I love to catch a story in a visual format, with characters that have a life of their own. Imagining who they are and what they care about. Learning new things is something I love to do. Currently I'm taking classes in 2D motion Design and learning Adobe After Effects. Days of inkstained fingers are in the past since I work mostly digitally nowadays but in my free time I love to stick ‘m in the dirt of my veggie garden. The windowsills in my studio often double up as a place for seedlings to grow. I also love potato chips, walking my dog, small streets in old towns, bookshops and watching people. From my studio in Velp, The Netherlands (and twice a week from studio Funny Farm in Arnhem) I work for clients such as De Vier Windstreken Publishing, Clavis Books Publishing, Turbine Publishing, Delubas, Schoolsupport and museum Huis Bergh. Renske de Kinkelder phone: +31 (0)6 480 576 78 renske(@) or follow me on Instagram: @renskedekinkelder

Other artwork by Renske de Kinkelder:

School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol

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