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Pendrawing, digitally colored

Pendrawing, digitally colored. An old story in a new interpretation: Argus has been commanded to watch over Io, and is prying around with his hundred eyes.

genre : Fiction

technique: Pen & Ink

My style can be characterized by the use of intricate details, mostly executed in pen but I also produce aquarels, work as a printmaker and create mixed-media artwork. My work was published in various magazines, was recently exhibited at the Central Library of Amsterdam, and in March 2017 my image of the Plaguedoctor was given a Wellcome Images Award by The Wellcome Trust in Londen. Please visit my website or Instagram/twitter-galleries for more!

Other artwork by Madeleine Kuijper:

Pendrawing, digitally colored

Pendrawing, digitally colored

Pendrawing, digitally colored

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