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Red lips

Red lips From a series of aquarel portraits with pen

genre : Character Design, Fashion

technique: Mixed Media, Other, Pen & Ink, Watercolor

A beautiful story   My whole life, I have been inspired by what is beautiful. A logo, a cover, a style. I use my acquired sense of aesthetics in my illustrations. Accurately I capture the beauty of everyday life. A cat, a glass, a dustbin.... I have been drawing since I could hold a pen. As a kid I won drawing competitions because I transformed the object with my imagination. But I am not a dreamer. I understand a deadline and know the drill. After various positions in the media world, I have returned to my first love. I think that’s beautiful as well. Pen and paper at the ready. Please do not hesitate to drop me a note:

Other artwork by Nicole Siers:

Red lips

Red lips

Red lips

Red lips

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