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Our beautiful food book

Sea fish from children's book 'Ons mooie voedselboek'. Pepijn researches with his dog Pepper what happens to your food before it gets on your plate.

genre : Book, Education, Infographic, Non-Fiction, Printed Media

technique: Collage, Digital-Pixel

I illustrate and design everything that's loose and fixed. To connect people with each other, their surroundings and nature. For this purpose, I make images and designs for magazines, books, infographics and websites. From idea to product. On my own initiative or on request. My work is often about children, development, nutrition, nature, health, care and quality of life in neighborhoods and municipalities. You can email me: or call: (+31)6 1320 1120

Other artwork by Jenny Lindhout:

Our beautiful food book

Our beautiful food book

Our beautiful food book

Our beautiful food book

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