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sending hearts

I am sending you some hearts, is is a christmas card published by Bekking and Blitz en also used by a poem, and will be used for a calender

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media


As a child I have always been drawing, and as a teenager i already draw little portraits for a teenager magazine.
But I never thought that I would work as a illustrator.
I make my illustrations by hand on a paper, because I can use all my fantasy and creativity.
I prefer to work with a pencil, ink, watercolor, chalk and acrylic paint, and sometimes I use everything together in a illustration.
When I am not drawing I am overflowing with new ideas, So I make sketches or pictures .
I also collect little things, feathers, buttons, glitters.
I also use this regularly in my fashion illustrations that I make for magazines and web stores, which is super fun to do.
Illustrating children books, magazines, advertising work and product illustrations.

Other artwork by Francien van Lang:

sending hearts

sending hearts

sending hearts

sending hearts

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