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Urban Kidzz & de Windkapers

Dutch comic book about sustainable energy for kids aged 6-10 years. Four children named the Urban Kidzz fight for a sustainable future.

genre : Comic

technique: Digital-Vector

Book illustration, instruction drawings, concept sketching, infographics, portraits, educational illustrations, cartoon & comic: I illustrate for internal and external communication. My clients are large corporations, advertising and design agencies, the media and governmental organisations. I am eternally curious for new styles and techniques, and I always seek the best execution for an idea. Because I collaborate with animators, designers and advertising professionals, often I can offer clients more than they expect. I excel in flexibility and discipline. By involving clients in the process, I try to finetune my output to their expectations.

Other artwork by Hugo Bausch:

Urban Kidzz & de Windkapers

Urban Kidzz & de Windkapers

Urban Kidzz & de Windkapers

Urban Kidzz & de Windkapers

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