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Anna Maria van Schurman

Anna Maria van Schurman lived in the 17th century. She was admitted to the University of Utrecht. She attended the lectures behind a curtain in order not to distract the other students by her presence. Beside illustrations I made infographics and rhymes for Jeelo and created eLearning courses for arithmetic, language, traffic education and geography.

genre : Education, Website

technique: Digital-Vector

Thanks to knowledge and science we no longer live as hunting and berry gathering groups, ravaged by natural disasters and diseases. Our children can advance science and make life even more enjoyable. Besides being an illustrator, I am a biologist. That is why I mainly focused on creating illustrations, animations, infographics and e-learning. Especially in the field of biology and medicine. But I also made portraits and illustrations for children's books. These illustrations can be found on my Instagram-page and on the Booxalive website .

Other artwork by Gemma Stekelenburg:

Anna Maria van Schurman

Anna Maria van Schurman

Anna Maria van Schurman

Anna Maria van Schurman

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