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Map Illustration

Map Illustration of a national park

genre : Advertising, Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media

technique: Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink

Welcome to Art From Adventures, where creativity meets exploration! I'm Diane Shearer, the artist behind this enchanting portfolio. As a skilled illustrator, my focus is on crafting captivating custom hand-drawn pen maps, mountain illustrations, and delightful Children's book illustrations. My ultimate goal is to delight both children and adults alike through illustrations that skillfully weave stories through intricate detail and boundless imagination. Whether it's a map that sparks the wanderlust or a Children's book that captivates the young and old, I pour my passion and dedication into every project, infusing it with the magic of artistry. So, whether you're an adventure enthusiast seeking the perfect map to enhance your travels or an author with a tale yearning to be illustrated, I invite you to join me on this artistic journey. Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together! Contact me:

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Map Illustration

Map Illustration

Map Illustration

Map Illustration

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