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Colored pencil drawing of a peacock butterfly

Photorealistic colored pencil drawing of a peacock eye.

genre : Book, Newspaper & Magazine, Other, Printed Media, Website

technique: Color Pencil

Recognizable custom illustration

Because I work with reference photos a lot, my illustrations turn out exactly how you want them. People, animals and places become recognizable, making my illustrations set you apart from the rest.

Digital illustrations and on paper

Using traditional materials such as pen, watercolor and pencil, I bring my drawings to life. I also like to use the Procreate app, which allows me to create special effects such as papercut, 3D letters and sleek line drawings.

Company coloring page

I create the coloring page that perfectly depicts your store or restaurant and makes coloring a party!

Why a company coloring page?

  • For a coloring competition for children in honor of, for example, the opening of a new store, an anniversary or an event.
  • Place a coloring page in a waiting room.
  • Use a coloring page as a placemat in a restaurant.
  • Nice at a wedding to offer the children a fun activity
  • A company coloring page is perfect promotional material.

Social media

For my most current work I invite you to take a look at my instagram page @corines_creations or take a look at my website for more information and examples

To collaborate

Of course you wonder whether I am the right person to work for you. Let's have a conversation and get to know each other! I'd love to listen to your ideas and wishes. I think good communication is very important. If I have a good idea of what you want, I can also inform you better about how I work. If you would like to go further, I can prepare a no-obligation quote. Are you interested in my work or would you like more information about my services? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Other artwork by Corine Schoenmaker:

Colored pencil drawing of a peacock butterfly

Colored pencil drawing of a peacock butterfly

Colored pencil drawing of a peacock butterfly

Colored pencil drawing of a peacock butterfly

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