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What to wear?

Illustration for article about choice stress concerning what to wear?

genre : Printed Media

technique: Digital-Pixel

I am a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, live illustrator and artist based in a small city (Haarlem) near Amsterdam. I love making fun playful colorful Illustrations and telling stories with my artwork. Most of my work is geared to the (young) child and used in picture books, educational material,colouring pages, postcards asf. I like to use fine graphic lines, patterns,  oriental motifs and lots of color. A bit of humor can be seen in my personal work and ofcourse in Live cartooning sessions which I also offer at events, training sessions, conferences and other gatherings. if you have any questions please contact me and have a look at my website for more examples. genre :Children's picture book, Newspaper & Magazine, Education, logo and postcard design, printed media, Website technique : Pen and inkt, gouache, Digital-Vector, Other, Digital-Pixel

Other artwork by Mara Leiblum:

What to wear?

What to wear?

What to wear?

What to wear?

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