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Willemstad from above

A painting of the beautiful fortified town Willemstad in the Netherlands from above. The painting is 42 x 42 cm in size. Commissioned as a gift for a 50 year anniversary.

genre : Non-Fiction, Other

technique: Watercolor

Hi, I'm Margrita de Jong, I live in Rotterdam and I work with my company ColourFlux Studio as an illustrator. I mainly make illustrations on paper, but can also work well with digital illustrations. I have done several commissions for individuals, especially paintings with a personal touch, such as a dog portrait, a map of Paris and Willemstad (in North Brabant) from above. One of my latest commissions is a digital Christmas card in the form of an animation for an interim and consultancy agency to send to clients as a nice greeting. I am a so-called self-taught artist and have mastered various techniques in watercolour and coloured pencil through courses and lots of practice. With my background in IT, I have gained experience with digital programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I also enjoy working with the Procreate programme on the iPad. I also keep a blog on my website about hiking in the Netherlands, for which I create illustrations. Check it all out at  

Other artwork by Margrita de Jong:

Willemstad from above

Willemstad from above

Willemstad from above

Willemstad from above

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