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Pelican island

I have a fascination for adventurous places. In my mind I pictured this wooden house on a stone island surrounded by pelicans. An old seafarer lives on this island. Where would it go next time? This was an experiment where I also played with collage. Technique: collage, acrylic paint, colored pencil, ecoline


genre : Book

technique: Mixed Media

Colorful illustrations that connect people! Hello, I'm Anna Sikkes, illustrator with a big love for storytelling. I create colorful, playful and detailed illustrations that make people happy and suprise. Make the world a happy place together with your story! That's my mission! Specialised in:  Let me draw your story that stands out!
  • Illustrations with a handmade feel and texture.
  • I've been working for 9 years as an independent illustrator for various clients including book publishers and design agencies.
  • I draw traditionally by hand and digitally (photoshop and procreate). Combine these two for breathtaking illustrations.
With a good dose of enthusiasm, humor and drive I help you to capture your vision. What can I do for you? Let me know! Call or email me for an informal conversation or a free brainstorm session.

Other artwork by Anna Sikkes:

Pelican island

Pelican island

Pelican island

Pelican island

Pelican island

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