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Business travel

Cover illustration made for Business Travel, a magazine that was part of Capital, a German magazine. 

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Website

technique: Collage, Digital-Pixel, Mixed Media

I was born in the Netherlands and studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) in Rotterdam.
My working history included experience in the beauty industry where I was part of a creative team and worked on various campaigns on illustrations for web, packaging design and a magazine. I wanted the flexibility of being a freelancer illustrator and concentrate on editorial illustration, product illustration, and advertising. I’ve worked for clients such as Glossybox and Capital One (USA).

My favorite working method is to create collages consisting of the digital enhanced by hand-drawn elements. I work with you by asking the right questions to distill your story’s essence into a striking illustration.

I love to help you shape your story. Please contact me for any questions and commissions: | mobile phone +31 (0)6 15385488

Other artwork by Amarins de Jong:

Business travel

Business travel

Business travel

Business travel

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