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Picturebook ‘Een slang als huisdier’

Spring 2021 Patricia illustrated her first picture book for Elle Book Publishing House. She also took care of the graphic design.

genre : Book, Character Design

technique: Digital-Pixel

Patricia Hooning is a 'Visualiser'. As a creative freelancer she creates colorful illustrations, storytelling surface pattern designs and graphic designs for interior, fashion and stationery. Her passion for making illustrations and years of knowledge of graphic design is a good combination for a creative process. She is very involved and thinks along with your 'product' from start to finish. Patricia illustrates by hand or digitally. And sometimes it's a mix. In spring of 2021, she has illustrated her first picture book; “A snake as a pet.”

Other artwork by Patricia Hooning:

Picturebook ‘Een slang als huisdier'

Picturebook ‘Een slang als huisdier'

Picturebook ‘Een slang als huisdier'

Picturebook ‘Een slang als huisdier'

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