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3D turtels boys
3D turtels boys - character design - Nice 3D turtles special made for the pajamas of The Woody Group
Gorilla - Free work - This image shows that eating peanuts, is peanuts for a gorilla
Owl clothes print
Owl clothes print. This print is one of a serie prints with the theme fairy tales. This one was the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They prints were used for Woody pajamas.
Character design squirrel
Character design squirrel. First I made a digital painting to create the right atmosphere. When the digital painted characters were okay, I created the vector prints. You can find the final vector prints on the Woody pajamas.
Crocodile clothes print for Woody pyjamas
Crocodile clothes print for Woody pajamas. This print was used for girls pajamas. The theme was social media and games.

About me

Hi there! My name is Tom De Letter and I'm a freelance illustrator. Since I was little kid, I was always busy with drawing. After almost 13 years working in the greeting card branche as graphic designer,  I decided in 2016 to become a freelance illustrator. So I started up my own company "Tom Illustrations". Now I've been drawing on a daily base. I make designs for greeting cards, clothes prints, children's books, mascottes, logo's, 3D characters and much more. The drawing styles I use are very populair by kids and adults who like to laugh! If you are interested to work together on a great project, please feel free to contact me. You can click on the website button below. Hope we can create some cool things together!   See you soon.   Tom De Letter

genre : Character Design, Fashion, Book, Cartoon, Printed Media

technique : 3D, Digital-Pixel, Digital-Vector