JeRoen Murré JeRoen Murré

The Netherlands, Beverwijk

About me

JeRoen Murré is a illustrator, digital artist and photographer. Using a variety of styles his work can vary from trashy digital collages to realistic illustrations. Mostly photographic, sometimes not... but always in his own recognisable style. Copying, pasting, manipulating, transforming, stitching, warping, using hdr-techniques and everything else necessary is allowed to create his artwork.

genre : Other, Fiction
technique : Digital-Pixel, Mixed Media, Photography

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Christmascard design and realisation
Christmascard design and realisation for a IT company TriOpSys specialized in mission critical systems Photography, CGI, 3D, image manipulation, Photoshop
DVD/CD – artwork for Dutch
DVD/CD - artwork for Dutch' best rocksinger Anouk. Dvd and cd hold the recordings of het Gelredome show recordings. Mixed media, Photoshop, image editing and manipulation.
Illustration for Havana magazine
Illustration for Havana magazine. About ways of keeping female muslimstudents in college. Mixed media, Photoshop, digital collage
Artwork for 65th anniversary of Folia Magazine
Artwork for 65th anniversary of Folia Magazine, the magazine of the University of Amsterdam. Mixed media, photography, image editing, manipulation