The Netherlands, Huizen   SYPKO

Valkyrie, the mythical female warriors of Norse mythology.

Gods today
Illustrations of mythical gods in the present.
Horse drawings
Drawings of different horse breeds, done with micron fineliners.
Justice & Peace – Journalist from Burundi
Illustrations for a humanitarian organisation telling a story about a journalist form Burundi.
World Animal Protection – Milk
Illustration for World Animal Protection Nederland about the milk industry.

About me

Hi, my name is Jan-Hein van Dulm. I work as an illustrator and infographic illustrator. Ever since I was a little I could draw for hours. These properties have evolved over time, developed and I made it my passion. Want to know more? Please contact me by mail, or by phone +31 616 798 789

genre : Book, Education, Character Design, Fiction, Website, Non-Fiction, Advertising, Infographic

technique : Digital-Pixel, Markers, Pen & Ink