Coen Bouwstra Coen Bouwstra

The Netherlands, Zwolle  
From: Encounter in the Night
Illustration from yet-to-be-published picture book
From: DICHTER 10
Illustration to Knapper by Riet Wille
From: Verhalen van Vianen
Verhalen van Vianen is a children's book made for the Brederodejaar, a celebretional year in Vianen in 2016.
From: Verhalen uit Kasteel de Haar
Illustration from children's book Verhalen uit Kasteel de Haar, which tells the history of castle Haarzuilens.
From: Mondrian’s Cat
In 2022 my book De Kat van Mondriaan got re-published in Dutch and English.

About me

In my work I want to tell stories. My illustrations are clear and understandable. They often contain small details and have a lot of atmosphere. I want to take the viewer into the image and hope to stimulate the viewer’s imagination. My illustrations invite you to view them several times, there is much to discover. The basis for my illustrations are models of cardboard and paper, which are populated by figures made of clay and wire. I also use a lot of leftover materials. I hope to inspire the viewer to get started themselves: With materials that can be found at home, you can make the most beautiful things.

genre : Book, Printed Media

technique : 3D, Mixed Media, Photography