Magda van Tilburg Magda van Tilburg

The Netherlands, Amsterdam booxalive

About me

After 30 years of illustrating I created my own publishing platform: the free childrens story site I show my animated picture books (also in English), my classical graphic novels (in original Latin texts), my own jigsaw puzzles and funny clips of friends.

genre : Animation, Book
technique : Mixed Media

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Bazar Bizar
still from animated picture book 'Bazar Bizar' - in Dutch and English version:
The Bluebumgorgel
The Bluebumgorgel - crazy poem by the Dutch author Cees Buddingh', turned into an animated picture book
The Dog Thief
black-white inside illustration | 'The dog thief' | Den Hertog Publisher | part 2 of the series 'The Emeraldo's'
Book Cover Youth / Fairytales & Adventures