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The Netherlands, Haarlem BNO

About me

Björn Nelissen (Roermond 1977) lives and works in Haarlem, The Netherlands. He studied illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. The idea (story) lies at the base of his illustrations. “Without a good idea an illustration can only function as a decorative element at best, but it will not make the viewer think.” The illustrations are made with acrylics (color) or charcoal (black & whiter) which Björn favors above digital tools. The use of traditional media make Björn’s work feel warm and authentic, plus, by using traditional media Björn gives room for imperfections because perfection is by definition boring.

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media, Advertising, Other
technique : Acryllics, Other

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Taming Corona
How to tame the Corona virus?
Terras gauda poster
Poster designed for the Spanish winery Terras Gauda.
Recognition Awarded 3rd prize for the 14th International Poster Contest Francisco Mantecón.
Nazism under Trump
About the revival of neo-nazism in the USA under President Trump.
Day & Night
This poster was created for the occasion of an annual art-event in Haarlem. A lot of local artist -I included- opened their studio’s for the public. 100 posters were printed and handed out for free to people who visited me in my studio.