Bernet Ragetli Bernet Ragetli

The Netherlands, Amsterdam   BNO
Happy at work in healthcare
Design for a box for healthcare employees to collect moments of happyness at work. Client: Vilans, national Centre of Expertise for Long-term Care in the Netherlands.
Münchhausen by proxy
Illustration about the Münchhausen by proxy syndrom for a magazine for preventing child abuse. Client: Augeo
How patients decide
Illustration for a book about shared decision making in healthcare. Client: Poiesz Publishers
Sharing is caring
Illustration about the shared care within the region, healtcare providers and the network of the patient. Client: Health Management Forum
The Teamworker – Belbin Team Roles
From a serie of illustrations on Belbin Team Roles 'The Teamworker'. Made for Nursing, a magazine for nurses. Client: Springer Media.

About me

I want to visualize the things you know, think, feel and experience. My style is original, clear and direct. I work as an illustrator and graphic designer and with Bernetificatie I provide people and teams within organizations to approach themes and challenges in a new way. I develop interventions and tools with a high level of imagination, playfulness and co-creation.

genre : Other, Newspaper & Magazine, Book, Education, Medical

technique : Digital-Vector, Other, Collage, Digital-Pixel