Aad Goudappel Aad Goudappel

The Netherlands, Rotterdam   BNO
3×3 Illustration Annual No. 7

Editorial illustration Management Scope Turbulence Illustration to accompany an article about the possible changes in the Dutch political and financial landscape Award: 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 7

Editorial ANBO Magazine Obesitas

Advertisement Dijksman Management Powerfeed series of inspiring meetings for managers

Fresh cutting edge illustrations

Advertorial illustration Rotterdam Public Library Call for participation in the story competition: 'Life story' awards: Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 3x3 Illustration Annual 2011, Fresh cutting edge illustrations

About me

Complex issues and abstract themes are translated into clear and powerful images. Although his illustrations appear very simple at first sight they usually contain several intellectual or emotional layers. His artwork, which distinguishes itself by the absence of lines and the sole use of solid colors, is at the same time contemporary and timeless. His art has received international recognition. aad@aadgoudappel.com | +31 10 4147493

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Advertising

technique : Digital-Vector