Roel Seidell Roel Seidell

The Netherlands, Nijmegen  
The Jippee-Stick
Illustration from picture book "De Jippiestok" Author: Roel Seidell Publisher: Clavis
Skinny the Hot-headed Frog
Cover illustration for a children's book about a very angry frog
Kapoerem Kapoerowitzj
Cover-illustration for a children's book by Bies van Ede Publisher: EzoWolf
Just call me Archie, said the king
Illustration for a childrens-book about a king who is frightened of losing his treasures to the pirates Author: Roel Seidell en Bies van Ede Publisher: Boekscout
“Bikes are Brilliant”
Cover-illustration about a father, a dog and a very stubborn little boy who venture out on a cycling trip Author: Roel Seidell Publisher: Clavis Original title: "Ik heb een beter idee"

About me

Roel Seidell has got two hands. With one he draws he draws enchanting classic illustrations for children's books and schoolbooks. With the other he creates witty, humorous cartoons, comics and logo's in a clear fresh style. Roel Seidell works as a professional free-lance illustrator since 1997.

genre : Book

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