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Spread picturebook ‘Our baby’

Spread from the picturebook 'Our baby' An informative and sweet book about pregnancy and becoming a big brother or sister. Commissioned by Clavis. Written by Brigitta Bijloos.

genre : Book, Education

technique: Digital-Pixel

PUIKEPRENT that's me, Illustrator & designer Esther van den Berg. I like pixels as much as I like paint. Nowadays I mostly work digitally, but coming from an artisanal background in printmaking, I'm always looking for a hand-painted feel in my digital illustrations. My prints are atmospheric, with an eye for detail and often with a humorous wink.

Other artwork by Esther van den Berg:

Spread picturebook 'Our baby'

Spread picturebook 'Our baby'

Spread picturebook 'Our baby'

Spread picturebook 'Our baby'

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