Monica Hajek Monica Hajek

The Netherlands, Tilburg

About me

Monica makes drawings that show both difficult and joyful situations Often drawn with pencil and digitally colored. For web, print and multimedia productions. Check out my website to see more of my work!

genre : Education, Book
technique : Digital-Pixel

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Taking blood samples
In opdracht van het Erasmusziekenhuis Voorlichtingsmateriaal voor Turkse en Marokkaanse ouderen die dementieklachten hebben.
Tired mum
Being a housemother of three children is not always easy. Nadia is always busy housekeeping and taking care of her family , she has no time for herself. She wants to feel fit and good again.
Horse and carriage in the Middle Ages and sheep
Horse and carriage in the Middle Ages and sheep. Illustrations for a school book published by Malmberg
Illustration for a poem
Illustration for a poem about the unlucky number 13 Published in an educational book by Noordhoff Publishers
How to get help
Illustration from a larger serie about sexual harassment. How to get help.