Mirjam Vissers Mirjam Vissers

The Netherlands, Huizen   BNO
Monthly comic for a staffmagazine of MN services
Monthly comic for a staffmagazine of MN services, a pension administrator.
'Multiply', 1 of 8 cheerful illustrations as introduction for each chapter in a calculationmethod of educational publisher Deviant.
Cartoon for Magma
Cartoon for Magma, a medical magazine.
KARIKATUUR Hans Hillen - a weekly caricature of a politician for the Financieële dagblad (Dutch Financial Times)

About me

The world is full of misunderstanding, needless complicated issues, big ego's and crashing environments. Without humor we barely survive. Sometimes my style is ironic, sometimes sharp, but most of the time my work only puts things a little bit into perspective. I draw cartoons, comics, editorial and educational illustrations in a bold handwriting style. But whatever I'm drawing, it's never a perfect world.

genre : Comic, Book, Cartoon, Caricature

technique : Digital-Pixel