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Simon van der Geest

I am beautiful. Submission for BoekieBoekie (youth-poem competition) 2010 Text: Simon van der Geest

genre : Book

technique: Mixed Media

MEvR de Wit designs illustrations which flow over with humor, tenderness and energy. Animals are her specialty. They are full of character. So they are sky-high in love or as angry as black ink. The material MEvR the Wit uses diver per story. By deliberate choosing the material, it can really add meaning to the story and emphasize the uniqueness of it. Apart from picture books I design birth announcement cards and picto's for a method called Picto Semi Schrift. This award winning method is complentary to the reading method "Lezen moet je doen" by Trijntje de Wit-Gosker.

Other artwork by MEvRdeWit:

Simon van der Geest

Simon van der Geest

Simon van der Geest

Simon van der Geest

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