Martine van Nieuwenhuyzen Martine van Nieuwenhuyzen

The Netherlands, Ulvenhout

About me

I have a creative family. A family with draftsmen, tinkerers and storytellers. Both my great-grandfathers were pastors and told stories from the pulpit. My granddad was an architect and a passionate painter.  My grandma was very good at botanical drawing. I received my first drawing lessons from them.

Drawing was and is one of my favorite pastimes. As a child I filled my school notebooks with drawings. Later, I decorated reports during dull meetings. Eventually this grew into a job as an illustrator.

I illustrate cards and draw and write books for children, both commissioned and free work. In addition, I illustrate for companies: I illuminate texts, draw recipes or summarize a message concisely. Illustrating is done by hand. My favorite drawing material is ink. 


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Picturebook ‘Lichtjes voor Sint – Maarten’
Christofoor publishing house. Author: Jennine Staring. In the illustration all the gnome children gossip with each other: "Who oh who, broke the lantern of Oebi?"
Satay croquette voor Van Gogh Amersfoort
Christmas card: ‘Daar hoorden zij een roodborstje zingen’
Christmas wallet (5 cards) for Bekking & Blitz publishing house. Theme of the Wallet: 'De schaapjes lagen bij nachte'.
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