Marion Vrijburg Marion Vrijburg

The Netherlands, Amersfoort

About me

Illustrator and Industrial Designer. Creative and conceptual. Often a different look at things! Experienced in illustrating for children's books, adult books and flyers, websites, life-workshops and strategic sessions. Always looking for new adventures!

genre : Book, Non-Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine, Advertising
technique : Mixed Media, Digital-Vector, Photography

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Haruki Murakami – Abandoning a cat – publisher Atlas Contact
Cover illustration and inside illustrations for a special Dutch edition written by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, translated by Elbrich Fennema. Memoirs of his father.
Libelle health special – article ‘Dare to ask’ – Hanny Roskamp
Beautiful article about asking for help in the special health edition of the magazine Libelle, written by Hanny Roskamp. The conclusion is that if you dare to ask for help, it will make you strong and happy.
Logo / animation – “With Viv on the cough” – Vivian Heck
Illustration for the dating service of Vivian Heck, different from all the other datingapps. Jump on the cough with Viv and find your love!
Gardening magazine Groei & Bloei – article “Through the eyes of …” – Fransje van Dorp
Illustrations in a Dutch gardening magazine magazine Groei & Bloei. Every month a different expert is telling tips and trics for the gardener in the returning article "Through the eyes of...", written by Fransje van Dorp.
Advertising – Schoneveld Breeding
A corperation withPhotographer Kees Muizelaar, my illustrations combined with flowers. Advertising for the international flower breeding company Schoneveld Breeding.