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How do I become a princess

Cover illustration for 'how do I become a princess', written by Kristien In-t Ven'. The book was published by Lannoo publishers.

genre : Book

technique: Gouache

Once upon a time there was a jar of ink. And a pen. And a lot of ideas. Writing, drawing, I wanted to do both, preferably at the same time. That's how my first book came about. Later I discovered that writing while drawing is not always very useful. What do you do if your story develops differently? Now I work much smarter for my idea. Write first. Then draw. But maybe that will change again soon... I create children's book illustrations, educational and editorial illustrations, in color or black and white. I also indulge in writing and drawing comics or cartoons: events from my daily life, or that of others, drawn and written with a big wink (crazy how light every little disaster suddenly becomes).  

Other artwork by Linda Groeneveld:

How do I become a princess

How do I become a princess

How do I become a princess

How do I become a princess

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