John Rabou John Rabou

The Netherlands, Den Bosch   BNO
Ferguut, the Knight with the White Shield
The Fair Galiene. From "Ferguut, the Knight with the White Shield", a self-initiated arthurian picture book published in november 2014 by De Vier windstreken.
Reconstrution/artists impression of Cees van Hoogwoud
Reconstrution/artists impression of Cees van Hoogwoud, the Stone Age Man from Noord-Holland. 1 out of 8 for a birthday-calender, commissioned by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. 2014
Full-colour illustration (1 out of 9)
Full-colour illustration (1 out of 9), commissioned by Balberry Publishing/York Press, Londen for Animal Farm York Notes study and revision guide.
Poster, promoting my work as a history-illustrator. First used at the Reuvensdagen - the national congress for archeology - in Ede in 2012

About me

I specialise in history and heritage illustrations and historical and archaeological artists impressions. In my work I strive to achieve the greatest possible historical accuracy. I also make illustrations for (historical) children's books, as well as anatomical and medical illustrations. I work for educational and children's book publishers, heritage institutions, archaeological authorities and businesses, theme parks and museums.

genre : Book, Education, Advertising

technique : Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Collage