Iris van der Veen Iris van der Veen

The Netherlands, Almere

About me

I am a Dutch Illustrator, living in Almere a city in the shadow of Amsterdam. I am happiest with a pencil and a sketchbook (or the iPad with pencil ;-)) in my hand. I am good at listening and especially at the things that are not said. I am always looking for the word behind the word. That's what I want to display. My work is versatile but can best be described as spherical and with a lot of emotion. I work a lot in black and white and lines, with a subtle use of color. Depending on the assignment, I use traditional materials such as pencil, ink, gouache or watercolor or digital means such as Procreate and Illustrator to create the illustrations. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work.

genre : Book, Printed Media, Newspaper & Magazine
technique : Collage, Digital-Pixel, Watercolor, Pen & Ink

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Fox in the wind
Illustration of a fox in the wind for a book about all the beautiful animals around our houses in Almere Oosterwold (Netherlands)
Curious swan
Childrenbook illustration about a girl and a swan
Autism and stimulus processing
This is an illustration I made accompanying an article in Autism Magazine about the creation of a new Sensonate platform, all about stimulus processing.