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About me

Wesly Gibs is working as an illustrator/ designer since 2001. Although character design is his main forte he channels his creativity in various styles and techniques. “Continuity through diversity” is his motto. Genre: Printed Media, Character Design, Gaming, Advertising, Printed Media, Newspaper& Magazine Technique: Digital- Pixel, Digital- Vector, Markers

genre : Gaming, Education, Newspaper & Magazine, Other
technique : Digital-Pixel, Digital-Vector, Mixed Media

Illustrations for a pirate board game.
Look who’s talking
Illustrations for English textbooks. This illustration was about people's " neighbourhood " and entertainment.
Illustrations of animals from different continents. Zooronga is an empire building board game where players must try to build and expand their zoo and make it the #1 zoo.
Knolpower- Paardenkracht Illustrations for an article in a dutch children's magazine concerning the pro's and cons of horses | Quest Junior
Illustrations for a musical card game in which distinctiveness and a good memory are central.