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About me

Hello! My name is Debby Peeters. I am a graphic illustrative designer. My work exists out of graphic design such as books, posters and logo's. Illustrative work such as illustrations for magazines (Flow, 2020; PUUR!, 2019). And childrens picture books (Lieveheershondje, 2017). A theme that I use a lot are animals. I'm most comfortable with that cause I am huge animallover. My design company is set in a small, filled with nature, village called Reuver in Limburg (South of Holland). Clients I've worked for are Leopold publisher, Clavis publisher, Billy Bones publisher, Flow magazine, PUUR magazine, Haagse Hogeschool, Hoge school Arnhem-Nijmegen (HAN) and Vmbo Niekée.

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media, Book
technique : Digital-Pixel

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Riso prints for Flow magazine
Riso prints that have been published in the Dutch, English and French Flow magazine.
Niekée posters
For the open evening of secondary school Niekée I designed the posters. The posters show 4 monsters, which represent the four directions that you can choose as a practical subject.
Illustrations for Childrens picture book (Leopold)
Commissioned by Leopold Publishers, I provided 3  illustrations for the bundle Winter, that told all sorts of short stories set in winter.
Catharsia – bookdesign
For education artist Sjef Drummen I made the design for his book Catharsia. The book has a grid, but each page looks different and is full of illustrations.
Bookcover design
I designed the bookcover for Doron Ketelaars book De Toegift (The encore). The story is about a band that never really broke through and is about to retire. They bring one last encore. The illustration shows a guitar, which is also an hourglass, to indicate that time is running out.


Love animals? Than you are gonna love this :)