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France, 's-Graveland   Cor Heilig Design
Zebra: One of a series of illustrations for posters for the Pedestrian Union VBV. Made in pen,ink and watercolour.
Caravan: Illustration for an article about the preparation of the caravan for the holidays, in the ANWB Caravan Edition. Made in pen, ink and watercolour.
Illustration for New Years Card ’94/’95, self promotion
Being on guard
Being on guard. One of a series of illustrations for the Social Annual Report of Hoogovens (Corus), Velsen, The Netherlands.

About me

Cor Heilig is apart from being an illustrator also an art director in advertising. Conceptional work does attract him very much next to designing and illustrating in different styles, just what's needed for a certain job. He lives and works in France, which is not an obstacle at all these days to accept and work out orders from Holland or elsewhere.

genre : Advertising, Newspaper & Magazine, Cartoon

technique : Watercolor, Gouache, Pen & Ink

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