Annelieke Hooymans Annelieke Hooymans

The Netherlands, Breda

About me

As an illustrator I offer different services: I have made many illustrations for educational publications for children, but I also like to make editorial illustrations for magazines and trade journals. I find it fun and challenging to dive into a topic / article and to present the essence of this as clear and well as possible in an image. I also make illustrations for websites and applications.And i can offer help with visualising a message, problem or plan of your company.

genre : Education, Gaming, Book, Newspaper & Magazine
technique : Digital-Vector

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Wooden math puzzle, supermarket

An educational puzzle from a series of 4 with the theme: Supermarket and counting. Made for Heutink international

Wooden jungle puzzle

An educational puzzle for toddlers from a series of 4 with the theme: 'Above and below' The puzzles are used extensively in the lower years of primary schools Made for Heutink international

Editorial illustration about public transport
In love ( junior information)
Illustration for 'Junior information; Noordhoff publishers
All together
Editorial illustration  about smartphone addiction