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My name is Anna Sikkes and I'm an illustrator. I create custom illustrations for: (children's) books, (online) magazines, educational illustrations, birth announcements and other illustrations. Let's work together to clarify your message or idea with illustrations. I'm working traditionally and digitally. Send your awesome and adventurous ideas to My illustrations are full of vibrancy and color, which attracts a wide audience. I like to draw stories with a lot of humor. In my illustrations adventure plays an important role. It is a common thread that is visible everywhere in my work. I love to capture the extraordinary of live on paper en transform them into colorfull and playfull worlds full of detail. Anna graduated in 2013 from the ArtEZ School of the Arts in Zwolle and has been working as an independent illustrator ever since. She has worked for several children's book- and educational publishers.

genre : Book, Character Design, Education, Logo, Fiction, Printed Media
technique : Color Pencil, Gouache, Linocut, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Watercolor

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Birth announcement Card
Birth card I made for a customer of mine. They wanted something special and unique for there baby to come. A precious memory to hold. They loved campers and being outside. The mother was also a writer and made music. The dad loved cars a lot.
Girl and dino | Free work
'Girl and Dino' is free work that I made for my own logo. The little girl represent me when I was younger. Back than as a little kid I would become a butterfly farmer and I loved dino's.
Catch the love | Free work
Catch the love is free work that I made for the Happy Valentines countdown of
Pelican Island | Free work
Pelican Island is free work that I made. I was inspired by the father of a friend who was a sailor man and went on a journey.
Who loves the world
'Who loves the world' is the title of the poem for which I made this illustration. The illustration was made for a poetry card by poet Û.