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Banner Holtkamp Horeca (cutout)

A cutout of the banner for Holtkamp Horeca pattiserie (printed size 200x80 cm).

genre : Advertising, Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media

technique: Digital-Vector

Hello! Angeliek Caelen runs her own studio called Steam Waverz. She makes illustrations in which the image clearly communicates the client's message. This can be an image that clarifies the text at a glance and thus increases the impact of the text. Or an image that communicates the right look and feel of a brand. In addition to creating an aesthetic image, Angeliek is adept at working from a concept. Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to assist you. Some clients: Holtkamp Horeca, EBERHARDjes, KoffieTCacao, EP&C patent attorneys, Leonardo Hotels Dresden.

Other artwork by Angeliek Caelen:

Banner Holtkamp Horeca (cutout)

Banner Holtkamp Horeca (cutout)

Banner Holtkamp Horeca (cutout)

Banner Holtkamp Horeca (cutout)

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