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Pinocchio the naughty puppet

Illustration for the picture book Pinocchio the naughty puppet, published in 2016 by Van Goor

genre : Book, Character Design, Fiction, Printed Media

technique: Color Pencil, Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink, Watercolor

I'm Alessio Castellani, freelance illustrator, born and raised in Italy. I worked at the Dutch theme park Efteling for more than 11 years as a designer, illustrator and character designer.

I've illustrated concepts for new brands (Sprookjesboom, TitaTovenaar, Jokie, Lummels and Droomvlucht), worked as a character designer for animated TV series, on the visual development of new attractions (Sprookjesboom and Pinokkio in the Fairy Tale Forest) and as an illustrator for children's books.

Since 2022 I'm a member of the AOI (Association of Illustrators).

Other artwork by Alessio Castellani:

Pinocchio the naughty puppet

Pinocchio the naughty puppet

Pinocchio the naughty puppet

Pinocchio the naughty puppet

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