Aleid Landeweerd Aleid Landeweerd

The Netherlands, Den Haag BNO
For Nuffic I regularly make editorial illustrations about the internationalization of education. In the articles practical topics are discussed, for example about the exchange of teachers in connection with development of language education.
Animations en cooperations
For project 'Betere Buurten' of the Nieuwegein municipality, I made infographics, illustrations and an informative animation film. Therefore I worked with an animator. Making a good communication plan is teamwork and cooperation from various disciplines.
In 2019 I visualized and designed all five 'klimaattafels' of the 'klimaatakkoord'. A work-in-progress project in which I collaborated with communication staff and policy makers from ministries and the SER. A big puzzle! The results can be seen on the official website of the Klimaatakkoord.
Geography education
For the geography education method from Malmberg publishing house I supplied twenty illustrations. About mills, the city and the countryside and map reading
Space in the Netherlands
Dutch space organization NSO asked me to illustrate and design an infographic / discussion plate. I drew satellites, rockets, the globe with the Netherlands in focus, graphs and icons. In a suitable design that matches the corporate identity.

About me

Aleid illustrates and designs for magazines, government, events, communication experts, and publishers. For example, educational app's, professional articles in (online)magazines, brochures and educational publications. She makes accessible infographics and her illustrations appear in informational animations.

genre : Character Design, Education, Newspaper & Magazine, Printed Media, Website, Animation, Infographic, Book

technique : Digital-Vector