We’ve updated our Front Page Gallery, highlighting the artwork of these 12 illustrators:
[you can click on the image to go directly to their portfolio pages]

Alessio Castellani

genre : Character Design, Fiction, Cartoon, Education, Mural, Non-Fiction
technique : Digital-Pixel, Watercolor, Color Pencil, Pen & Ink, Digital-Vector

Fred Marschall

genre : Non-Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine, Education
technique : Watercolor

Marco Jeurissen

genre : Book, Education, Newspaper & Magazine, Non-Fiction, Comic, Printed Media
technique : Digital-Pixel, Digital-Vector, Collage, Pen & Ink, Mixed Media

Anouk Voorn

genre : Book, Education, Printed Media, Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine
technique : Digital-Pixel

Iris Van Der Veen

genre : Book, Infographic, Website, Non-Fiction, Character Design, Fiction, Printed Media
technique : Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink, Linocut

Marieke Nelissen

genre : Book, Fiction, Printed Media, Non-Fiction, Caricature
technique : Gouache

Bernet Ragetli

genre : Newspaper & Magazine, Book, Education, Medical
technique : Digital-Vector, Other, Collage, Digital-Pixel

Jan van Doornspeek

genre : Education
techniek : Mixed Media

Marion Vrijburg

genre : Book, Non-Fiction, Newspaper & Magazine, Education
technique : Mixed Media, Digital-Vector, Watercolor, Color Pencil, Gouache, Pen & Ink

Eline Krus

genre : Book, Character Design, Fiction, Printed Media, Fashion, Advertising, Newspaper & Magazine
technique : Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Color Pencil

Jeanne Melchels

genre : Education, Gaming, Infographic, Book, Cartoon, Non-Fiction
technique : Digital-Vector, Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink

Martine Van Nieuwenhuyzen

genre : Book, Printed Media, Advertising
technique : Watercolor