Maarten Wolterink Maarten Wolterink

The Netherlands, Leiden

About me

A striking cartoon for every subject. From an easy smile up to the painful truth. Done very quickly for a lot of platforms. The most recent (public) cartoons can be found on the website but also on Linkedin and Twitter (follow me!). Digital stand up cartooning or fast sketching at training sessions, seminars and presentations. Also whiteboard animations ans illustrations for educational publications.

genre : Cartoon
technique : Digital-Pixel

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How Hamas is not helping it’s people
'How Hamas is not helping it's people' | aggression does not work in their favour | for:
The Experts burn out
'The Experts burn out' | Mo and Wes dispose of their fireworks quickly | for: Almere Dichtbij
Zoo animals take-over-plan
'Zoo animals take-over-plan' | triangular plan for self reign | for: Ardis, The Hague
Body bag Boat
'Body bag Boat' | refugees meet death in the ocean | for: