Ankitha Kini Ankitha Kini

The Netherlands, Eindhoven Kini Studios

About me

I am an Visual Storyteller, always looking for interesting stories to tell. I work in varied styles and love a good challenge. If you have a story to tell or a message to get across visually, I would be glad to meet with you to hear more.

genre : Caricature, Cartoon, Character Design, Comic, Fiction, Book, Education, Other, Printed Media
technique : Digital-Pixel, Pen & Ink, Collage, Mixed Media

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The Grand Feast
Concept art for a children's film.
An Adventure in the Jungle
A little girl and her forest friends want to find out where the loud noises are coming from.
Literally meaning 'forest-spirits', this is a representation of a dance-drama in India that tells stories of mythology and everyday life.
Children’s Book – ‘Trail of Threads’
The story is about identity and tradition. Can this young girl change her tradition while remaining faithful to her community? The story deals with these questions while children are introduced to traditional embroidery.
Hanging by a thread
When Mira gets to know that her little brother is having a 'thread ceremony', she wants one too. "But girls can't have a thread ceremony, Mira", say her family. What will Mira do?.