Jet van der Horst Jet van der Horst

The Netherlands, Zwolle   Jetswerk
Silk-screenprint for SVWO
Silk-screenprint for SVWO (Voluntary Service Overijssel). The screenprint was used for the Overijssel Volunteer Award 2007.
Illustration for children’s book Supply Ship – 2006
Free work
Free work - the idea arose during a trip through Tuscany - 2009
December stamps
In 2008, Jet van der Horst illustrated the "december stamps" of TNT. Together, the ten stamps form one big illustration of a city.

About me

Jets work is characterized by the variety between extremely busy, chaotic images and open, serene images. The choice of perspective is striking. Often the viewer looks down on the world, high from heaven.

genre : Other, Book

technique : Other, Acryllics