Irene Cecile Irene Cecile

The Netherlands, Leiden

About me

Irene Cécile started illustrating and designing in 2009. She specializes in educational and informational illustrations. Depending on the commission and target audience she adjusts her style of drawing. Irene has worked for Querido, Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Center, Museum of Natural History Naturalis and the Dutch Military Museum. In 2015 she won the Worldwide Picture Book Illustration Competition.

genre : Education, Fiction
technique : Digital-Vector, Photography

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More than 400 illustrations for an online uniform
More than 400 illustrations for an online uniform identification tool that children can use to trace where a particular army uniform comes from. Vector drawings, ligne claire / clear line. See also:
Poetry poster for Plint with the childrens birthday poem ‘Congratulation’ by Micha Hamel. llustration of fantasy creatures and cakes. Illustration, photography and graphic design. See also:
Comic book about scientific drug research for sick children. Concepts such as 'placebo', 'randomization' and 'double-blinded studies' will be explained. The comic book helps children to make a decision about whether to join medical drug research or not
Creepy Crawlies
Illustrations for childrens activity book for the exhibition ‘Creepy Crawlies’ in Museum of Natural History Naturalis (Leiden): insects, arthropods and microorganisms. Vector drawings. See also: