Esther Lankhaar Esther Lankhaar

The Netherlands, Capelle a/d Ijssel

About me

Hi! My name is Esther Lankhaar and I illustrate using ink, watercolor, (colored)pencil and sometimes collage. My illustrations tell a story in which nature, figures and animals play a role and often have a fairytale-like, dreamy atmosphere. Possible applications: Websites, (children's)books, magazines, brochures, (greeting)cards, stationary, restaurant-menu's.

genre : Other, Newspaper & Magazine
technique : Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Mixed Media

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'Francoise'. Watercolor-portrait inspired by a vintage photo.
'Flamingo'. Personal work
Different person or more yourself?
'Different person or more yourself?'. illustration for an article for Dutch magazine 'Psychologie Magazine' about anti-depressants.
The Teacupclub
'The Teacupclub'. Illustration for a Tearoom